Who is LongBurn

LongBurn Ni Nani??

Longburn Sustainable Solutions seeks to transition communites into cleaner renewable energy technologies. We believe that most people don't destroy the environment because they want to, but because they don't have feasible cleaner options available to them.

Hence briquetting
Over 87% of households in Kenya rely on charcoal or firewood as their main cooking and heating fuel, this effectively means that their demand is ever high which leads to massive forest degradation because Kenya does not have a formalized firewood and charcoal harvesting system.
LongBurn recovers and recycles agricultural biomass and sawdust to manufacture high quality brikets for home and commercial use.
By buying our product you are contributing to the following goals;
•  Reduction in the deforestation of Mau Forest Complex
• Helping to transition the people around the Mau into sustainable renewable energy sources
• Improved livelihoods by providing a much needed income for women and youth who make up over 80% of our supply chains
LongBurn Briquettes is not just a bag of coal it is a symbol of the Kenyan Resolve that we have the ability to free ourselves from poverty while safeguarding our environment for future generations.

What we offer

Premium Quality Products

LongBurn assures you that every bag wil give smokeless, fumeless, sootless, high heat and long lasting service. We don't compromise when it comes to quality and all our clients love this about us.

Products made from 100% recycled material

We buy Agricultural biomass and sawdust , which are the key raw materials for briket manufacture. This effectively reduces the number of trees harvested for fuel purposes.

Cradle to Cradle Design

Waste from one process forms the raw material for the next process. We even go a step ahead to collect ash and waste packaging from our sold products.

Meet our dedicated

LongBurn Team


CEO/ Founder

Passionate environmental conservation advocate. Holds an MSc in Environmental Science. Is always thinking up new ideas for creating positive impact for the community. Founded LongBurn Energy Systems, now LongBurn Sustainable Solutions.


Financial Advicer

Thorough and always up for any challenge. Loves working with numbers and community.


Production Manager

Easy going hardworking and very driven. Makes sure everything is in tip top shape and products get to market on time. Never shirks from a challenge and is always ready to get into action. A member of Ng'ondu community, has grown with LongBurn since it was founded. Now runs his own production site.


Production Assistant

Energetic and quick on his feet. Joined LongBurn in 2018, but looking forward to running his own production site. Currently in charge of raw materials acquisition.