LongBurn Choma

LongBurn® Briquettes is the taste of Choma, and in a few years we're going to be the gold standard of Choma use. Each briquette is made with natural ingredients and real wood to ensure they're smokeless and burn much longer. See how LongBurn continues to raise the bar on briquettes to deliver a better BBQ and cooking experience.

LongBurn Nyumbani

Charcoal is the most used least talked about fuel. LongBurn Nyumbani is the perfect substitute for Charcoal. It's smokeless, sootless and longlasting. Our brikets can be used in residences because they don't stain walls (or even sufurias).
Speaking of longlasting, mum will now have time for family without thinking so much about topping up the jiko.

LongBurn Brooders

Brooding is critical stage in the development of chicks. In commercial poultry setups brooding is accomplished by using heat lamps, gas heaters and last charcoal brooders.
LongBurn Brooders is a perfect cost effective substitute for charcoal in brooding. Actually with over 6+ hours of burn time it is easily the cheapest brooding method that is applicable currently.

LongBurn DuraBoiler Logs

What happens when you have a huge boilers and all the firewood available is either not easily available or is too expensive to make economic sense? You switch, pivot, make the best decision in your life and use LONGBURN DURABOILER LOGS. Competitively priced, watch your energy cost dip and profits soar.